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About Kids First

Kids First has been providing tutorial and special education services to school districts throughout Nassau and Suffolk County for the past 13 years in the form of special instruction/resource room as well as ocuppational therapy (OT), physcial therapy (PT), teaching aides (TA), ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and speech therapy within the school setting. We have established positive working relationships with district personnel and administrators. In addition, Kids First has provdied home based services to youngsters who cannot attend school becasue of behavioral and/or medical concerns. The Kids First offices provide a consistent, secure enviornment to support a variety of therapies for children and their families. Kids First has a state of the art sensory gym that can accomodate children with a wide range of physcial disabilities including a rock climbing wall and vestibular swing. We have a collection of speech therapy suites, evaluation rooms and spaces designed for small groups. We have demonstrated consistent success in all the enviornments we have worked in.

Suffolk Faculty
Nassau Faculty 
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