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"Not long ago, I had a lot of trouble doing things that other kids my age could already do. but i am the luckiest kid this christmas, because i got my present early. I am blessed to have some very special people who play with me and teach me every week."



Hi Ms. Williams,


This is just a little note singing Miss Jenny and Miss Kelly’s praises!


We feel so blessed to have had Jenny as part of  school year. He really grew under her supervision. She was communicative and helpful whenever we asked a question. She was also a wonderful resource to help us gauge whether  was on track. She has consistently gone above and beyond in her work with . Today, she even came over to our home and did a little moving up ceremony for him since the school’s ceremony did not occur. She also tailored all of her teaching to things that interested him and this helped immensely.


We know that the COVID pandemic has made it difficult for teachers and students/parents. Throughout all of this we worked together with Miss Jenny and Miss Kelly to help  continue to grow, and they were both exemplary.


We also have had a great experience with Kelly. We know  had just begun with her at the onset of COVID but the instructions she gives in her emails as well as the activities she provides are accessible and clear. She has also been great answering questions and video conferencing with us when necessary.


So often people easily criticize and instead, we want to share our enthusiasm. We just want to send our thanks and appreciation along to all of you for helping  excel this past year.


Thank you!


Warm regards,

To our Kids First Family—-

Finding Kids First was a blessing to my family in words that I cannot express. Everyone understood  needs and were extremely accommodating in every situation. Every provider and therapist went above and beyond especially in these difficult times.
I cannot thank you enough for all the help you provided .

I wish you all of the best.



Children should be referred for an evaluation if they are not doing the following by the recommended age:

The following behaviors are red flags and you should think about having your child evaluated if your child exhibits

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