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Individual Therapy Sessions

Kids First offers individual therapy services in the following areas:


  • Speech Therapy  addresses language development in the areas of expressive (verbal output), receptive (understanding language) speech (how clearly your child speaks) and pragmatics (social language such as eye contact, topic uc maintenance and greetings).

  • Special Education Teachers - SEIT  addresses cognitive, behavioral and social skills in the classroom. Assists children in being successful in their present preschool or daycare environment.

  • Occupational Therapy  addresses fine motor skills (grasping a crayon, scissor use, muscles in hands and fingers.  Along with sensory processing concerns.

  • Physical Therapy addresses gross motor or latge muscle skills (running, jumping, climbing, balance and endurance). Along with core strength and overall coordianted movements.

  • Counseling  addresses emotional or social issues (anger, aggression, hyperactivity and anxiety). 


Through individual therapy, children get the opportunity to work one-to-one with a licensed therapist. The therapist works with the child to strengthen their motor skills, speech skills, cognitive abilities, and much more!

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